How it works ?? Order Process

  • Once order is placed we will notify with a SMS, consists  of order id.
  • We will Try to Deliver the orders with ready stock in 12hours-48 hours with in city.
  • Fisheshop will check the order status at warehouse/farm, we will observe the fish condition and we will initiate the shipping.
  • We will update the order status and shipping info after 48 to 72 hours only,but in case if the order is regular type it will get process in 12hrs.
  • Fisheshop don't accept any calls, its all slot booking via
  • Please read the other policies of fish shipping terms.
  • Fisheshop will inform any modifications over the whatsapp only or emails
  • Note: why we take time in fish shipping update__ fishes are live, if we confirm you while your order confirmation time ( anything may happen to fish like sick sudden climate change also so we don't ship )
    if we say yes to customers- later some issue shared customer feels like that we are lie, its not the right part from us,
  • So anything related to fish shipping its all fisheshop part.
  • We will notify delays upon order over whatsapp, our usually respond time wll be 12 hrs or 3 days also, we suggest to book your order on cod and share order id which could be a easy process for us to process order.
  • Live chat replies will be delay (if customer can wait for that - they get the best )
  • Kindly don't expect immediate replies over chat.
  • Our Brand Has High demand chat hours, so we request to wait for us if you can.
  • We will assure 100% to Deliver your order in time t*c.
  • Incase of out of stock after the order, we  will arrange the fishes/items in 4 days.
  • Refund Process/Cancellation/Terms, Please Read our Policies.
  • Please chat with teams given for live chat over website for more information.