Anubias Barteri Glabra Pot

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Anubias nana is a short plant with broad leaves. 

Anubias Barteri Glabra is a variant in the Anubias family that is of medium size. Hailing from streams in the rainforest of West Africa, there are many varieties of Anubias Glabra. This aquatic plant features narrow and wavy lanceolate leaves with the signature green hue that is common with this species.

Lighting‎: ‎Low-Moderate
Water Conditions‎: ‎72-82°F, pH 6-7.5, 3-8 KH
Minimum Tank Size‎: ‎10 Gallons
Propagation‎: ‎Rhizome Division
Anubias Nana, Family Name: Araceae, Origin: West Africa, Height: 3-5”,
pH: 6-7.5, Care: Easy, Light: Low, Co2: