Anubias nana Gold

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Anubias nana is a short plant with broad leaves. 

The Anubias barteri nana "Gold" is a slower growing variation of the Anubias barteri var "nana". As it is naturally slow-growing, strong direct light should be avoided as it is prone to algae. The leaves are a light, bright green, hence the name Anubias barteri var "Gold" or "Golden nana".

Lighting‎: ‎Low-Moderate
Water Conditions‎: ‎72-82°F, pH 6-7.5, 3-8 KH
Minimum Tank Size‎: ‎10 Gallons
Propagation‎: ‎Rhizome Division
Anubias Nana, Family Name: Araceae, Origin: West Africa, Height: 3-5”,
pH: 6-7.5, Care: Easy, Light: Low, Co2: Not