Aquarium Cleaning Services ( select options bellow, w.r.t size and type ) 1 feet to 10 feet

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All below is included in your service visit!

  • Tank Cleaning Removal of Water and Fill New Water.
  • Clean all algae from inside of the aquarium.
  • Check the health of all aquatic life & Fishes.
  • Test the water
  • Add chemicals needed to maintain fish health
  • Change out and replace dirty corals and decorations
  • Change out and replace the filter Sponge
  • Bleach dirty corals, decorations, and filter cartridge (off site)
  • Catalina Water changes (as needed)
  • Clean Off Chiller Coils (as needed)
  • Clean Protein Skimmer (If needed)
  • Filling auto feeder & checkup
  • Brush off Stones & rock (If needed
  • Polish outside of the aquarium
  • Stir up gravel
  • Top off the water level
  • Fix fallen corals or plants (If needed)