Biochemical Filter White Sponge Aquarium Filter Pads Biological and Mechanical Filtration Cotton Sponge for Fish Aquarium Filter Foam

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  • Place our aquarium filter pad traps micro and macro organic particles, foreign debris, waste, excess fish food, decaying plants, detritus, and other coarse helps maintain beautiful water for sustained enjoyment and longevity of your fishes.
  • Provide both mechanical and biological filteration, perfect for freshwater or saltwater aquariums reef tank, making your fish tank water super clean and clear.
  • Dense bore removal and softness, and through the analysis of experts is the best to cultivate the good nursery of nitrifying bacteria.
  • On biochemical cotton waste and feed residues, improve the quality of clean filter water. Better effect, reduce fish mortality. Clean once a month, no blockage, no deformation, can be reused after cleaning. Package Includes: 1* Aquarium Cotton Sponge
  • Material: Cotton Sponge, Color: white, Size: Approx. 100x13.5x3 cm (L * W * H). Excellent water permeability.It suitable for use in outdoor pond filtration systems as well as indoor tanks, any filters, sump and aquariums.