Blue Neon Goby

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The freshwater neon goby or cobalt goby (Stiphodon atropurpureus) bears a rather good resemblance to its more famous cousin. It is native to Eastern Asia, where it can be found in slightly brackish and even fresh water. It is a fairly small fish, reaching roughly 2 inches or so in the aquarium. It can be somewhat difficult to feed, owing to its small size, and may require small live foods, such as Daphnia, dero worms, and brine shrimp at first. However, it should eventually transition to frozen foods.
A handful of other Stiphodon spp. are appearing from time to time in the hobby nowadays, and all can be maintained similarly. Be sure to check into water quality needs: Some of these fishes are brackish water, and some are even marine! These are very colorful, beautiful fishes. All of these may require live foods at first and will also benefit greatly from algae in their diet, including spirulina wafers