Bumble Bee Goby

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For a long time, the bumblebee goby was “the” goby in the hobby. In recent years, it has actually become somewhat hard to find. Bumblebee gobies (Brachygobius spp.) have black and orange stripes on them, similar to a bumblebee. They are brackish-water species that will generally deteriorate in fresh water.
The bumblebees comprise several closely related and similar-appearing species. Most of them grow to about 2 inches or so. In the aquarium, they make intriguing specimens, constantly bouncing around and clinging to surfaces, including the side of the tank.
They should not be kept with larger species that may pester or bother them. Being slow movers, they should also not be kept with active, fast-moving species (e.g., danios) that will outcompete them for available food. It may be difficult to train them to accept prepared foods. Live brine shrimp and blackworms may be necessary at first, with a transition to frozen foods. Eventually, they may take flakes.