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  • Frontosas are hunters who like to work smart, not hard.
  • They hunt for food at dusk, just when their prey would be falling asleep thus making themselves easy targets. In an aquarium setting, this fish will eat a variety of frozen and live foods in addition to prepared flakes and pellets. These carnivorous predators are best kept in large groups much like the colonies they are found in naturally but they require an abundance of space because of their potential size.
  • Multiple males can be kept together for this particular species as long as you provide them with adequate hiding places that are large enough for them to dart in and out of. Be sure to secure rocks and caves so that injuries do not occur when they do retreat clumsily.
  • I say they are clumsy because they are not conditioned to moving quickly unless there is a need to do so, for this reason, they are much more graceful at a slower pace.