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  • Suitable for all size of arowana fishes, koi fishes, oscar fishes, fire mouths, green terrors and other chichled breeds. Floating type / never cloud water referring to physiological characteristics and appetite for arowana and porgies, such as oscars, fire mouths, green terrors, dempseves, the inch-gold food specialty is formulated with dried live foods (krill, shrimps, crabs) carotene
  • Featuring as ready nutrition and easy absorption which satisfies daily demand, facilitation of color enrichment. assures of healthy growth, is the top priority to other choices among various large sized carnivorous aquatic species for home breeding
  • Feed as many times as your fish eat each and every feedings ingredients: molluscs, crustaceans, cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin fish and fishderivatives, yeats, oils and fats, minerals, algae contains, eec permitted colorants and preservatives protein 40. 0% oil 11. 0% fiber 4. 0% ash 15. 0% moisture 9. 0% vitamins added