RED Malawi Eye-Biter

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Dimidiochromis compressiceps has been on my list for many years, as a fish that I had wanted to keep and breed. I have observed this fish in the wild in its golden form at Chizumulu Island, Malawi and Cobwe, Mozambique. This golden form (male, female are both golden), is available to us Cichlid addicts, but the fish does not seem to keep the colour very well under aquarium conditions. This golden variety will turn the same blue colour as the other when it matures (males).

The males are a beautiful iridescent blue with some red flecking in the dorsal fin tips and a red anal fin. The females are plain silver. The height of the fish is fairly decent (2˝ -3 inches) but it is an elongated fish that is vertically compressed (as per the fish’s name). Males and females have a stripe down the side of the body which disappears in the male when he matures. Both have a dark stripe starting on the snout which runs the length of the back. This is a camouflaging stripe that helps hide the fish in Vallisneria beds. This fish hunts for small fish in a “heads down” position among these plants. (personal observation at Chiofu, Malawi).