Nature Almond Leaves Pack of 3 big Leaves

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These leaves have both antibacterial and antifungal properties for fish and are able to treat a wide variety of low-grade infections.

When it comes to treating fish illnesses, most common illnesses are weaker bacterial or fungal infections, such as fin rot.

Fin rot is incredibly common in most fish, especially selectively bred ones such as betta fish. As you can guess from the name, fin rot causes the ends of the fins to essentially rot away.

For the most part, this illness is easily treated with frequent water changes and some mild medication, including Indian Almond leaves.

These leaves are able to treat most cases of fin rot, unless it has persisted to the point of turning into body rot.

Fin rot, and many other low-grade infections, are primarily caused by a fish experiencing stress. When a fish becomes stressed, their immune system weakens.

There are always pathogens in the water, but any fish with a fully functioning immune system can fight them off.

Once stress weakens their immune system, fish contract lower grade infections that they otherwise wouldn’t catch, which in turn also causes stress.

Adding an Indian Almond leaf to the tank of a stressed fish can help them fight off infections and prevent them altogether.

New fish, especially those from soft or blackwater environments, will greatly benefit from the addition of an Indian Almond leaf during their first few days or weeks in their new home.

Before you received your fish, they underwent a great deal of stress during the shipping process, which often causes illnesses, especially because hundreds are kept in the same stressful area.

If one of them gets stressed to the point of illness, it can then pass on that illness to hundreds of others.

All new fish have been exposed to an illness of some kind before arriving at your home, so adding some mild antifungal and antibacterial can do a great deal of good for them.