Rainbow kribs (Kribensis)

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COMMON NAMES: Kribensis, purple cichlid, niger cichlid, palette cichlid, rainbow krib, pink kribensis cichlid, king cichlid

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pelvicachromis pulcher

ADULT SIZE: 3 to 4 inches



Family Cichlidae
Origin Africa
Social Peaceful
Tank Level Bottom dweller
Minimum Tank Size 20 gallon
Diet Omnivore, eats most foods
Breeding Egglayer
Care Easy
pH 6.5
Hardness 8 to 12 dGH
Temperature 75 to 77 F (24 to 25 C)

 Although they are peaceful fish, they may nip the fins of slow-moving fish such as angels. If other cichlids are to live in the tank, choose a species that is not bottom-dwelling so they won't compete for the same territory. Avoid keeping them with another cave-dwelling species, as kribensis are territorial about caves.