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    • ASIN: B0164CGJ1G
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    Waterfall Style Bio-Filter RS-3000 

    Product Name: Waterfall Style Bio-Fileter RS-3000 

    Type: Aquariums & Accessories 

    Aquarium & Accessory Type: Filters & Accessories 

    Color: Black 

    Brand Name: RS Electrical 

    Style: Freestanding 

    Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked 

    Model Number: RS-3000 

    Material: Plastic. Electronics. Metal components 

    Voltage: 220-240V 

    Frequency: 50 Hz 

    Power: 7 W 

    Flow: 1600L/H (even good for 3-4 ft tank) 

    Weight: About 700g (0.7kg) 


    Must check wheather the user's voltage is the same as the one stick on the pump. Can not change the cables of different pumps, must not continue using if find any scathe from the cable too. 

    Must disconnect the power supply when install or clean the pump in case of any dangerous. 

    Should clean its buckets and sponges frequently in order to keep the water come in and out normally and good filtering. 

    Make the oiliness into the filter to keep water clean. 

    Please keep the pump well, if there is any severe impact,please check wheather it is broken, if yes, please stop using it. 


    To clean pump, remove the front plate and the inmpeller,use a small brush or strearn of water to remove any debris. 


    A clogged or dirty intake screen will greatly reduce performance.if the pump is used on a dirty surface, 

    Raise it slightly to reduce the amount of debris contacting the intake.if less is described,adjust the flow control lever.