Tetra Bits Complete Bio active Formula Fish Food, 30 g

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  • Promotes well-being, natural coloring, and growth
  • Stabilized vitamin c increases resistance to disease
  • Promotes healthy growth and prevents nutrition-related deficiency symptoms

Tetrabits complete 30gm tetra bits complete 30gm description: a complete pet food for all discus and other demanding tropical fish for health, colour and growth net weight: 30 grams Ingredients: fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein extract, cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, mollusks and crustaceans, yeast, minerals, algae, oils and fats. Tropical analysis: protein 47.5 percent, Oil 6.5 percent, Fibre 2.0 percent, Ash 10.5 percent, Moisture 6.0 percent The above-mentioned product is available at petshop18.Com. Here are the basic dimensions of the product: weight 30 gm.